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These DRAFT bylaws are a simple word search replacement of the Wine Fellowship's bylaws.   These will serve as the discussion guide for finalizing.   Now tht we are into the 30’s we’ll start editing bylaws for member review so that we can apply to Rotary International to be ‘officially’ registered at RI.    Like many other fellowships its proposed that dues be $25 a year or $100 for lifetime (founding members – ie. First 50 or 100, we are suggesting all be lifetime members, enabling a start up fund for purchase and distribution of label pins, trading banners, etc.). But the group will decide. At a gathering in Chicagoland on January 30, 2014 twelve Rotarians endorsed the proposed dues structure of $25 a year, effective each July 1, without proration within the year ending June 30 AND a lifetime membership of a one time fee of $100.  Furthermore, the group endorsed that all founding members (special designation) be lifetime members and join, virtue of paying their lifetime dues, by June 30, 2014.

An online (via email) and later teleconference will be held with the first thirty (plus) founding members to discuss and formulate a final version.

Any input welcome -


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