New Fellowship Seeking Members and Chapters

             A worldwide fellowship of Rotarians
             and Friends of Rotary dedicated to happy times.

             Rotarian Cigar & Life Aficionados


In searching the web, many Rotary Clubs host

Cigar Nights and Smokers.

Gather your members to join

the Cigar Fellows.


To register with Rotary International

we seek a minimum of 50 'founding'

members from at least three countries. 

We're up to 26 from two countries.


Please email us below and we'll add

you to the list.


Once there are 30 members we'll work

together to develop bylaws, logos,

chapters, etc.


It's anticipated that we will follow

the lead of other established Rotary

Fellowships.  For consideration on dues,

its been proposed that the international

rate be $25 per year and lifetime rate of

a one time $100 (US).  Additionally, it's

proposed that all founding members

become lifetime members to establish

a beginning fund, enabling the purchase

and inventory for lapel pins, trading banners, etc.


Proposed members include:

  1. Cliff Lyda, Elmhurst, IL, USA

  2. David Phelps, Chicago, IL USA

  3. Robb Hann, Chicago - O'Hare, IL USA

  4. Ron Broida, Darien, IL, USA

  5. Kate Koziol, Chicago, IL USA

  6. Mark Smolenski, Morainne Valley, IL USA

  7. William Liapple, LaGrange, IL USA

  8. David Anderson, Chicago, IL USA

  9. Dennis Gorman, Chicago - Financial District, IL USA

  10. John Carr, Morris, IL, USA

  11. Khaled Akkawi, Chicago, IL USA

  12. Jose Michel Garcia, Saint Cloud, France

  13. Paul Harris, ROTARY/One, Heaven - but watching over you all!

  14. Pedro Cevallos, Chicago, IL USA

  15. John Spitkovsky, Chicago, IL USA

  16. Hunter Byington, Naperville, IL USA

  17. Kevin Browne, Chicago, IL USA

  18. Nicki Scott, Naperville - Sunrise, IL USA

  19. Eric Marcus, Beavercreek, OH USA

  20. Douglas Boettner, Capital Region/Albany, NY USA

  21. Patty Meehan, Greenville, PA USA

  22. Francesco Pecoraro, Rotterdam Sunrise, NY USA

  23. Ron Errett, Farrell, PA USA

  24. Jake Karp, Rotterdam Sunrise, NY  USA

  25. Ruzhdi Bakalli, Warren, PA USA

  26. Jason Lecuyer, Capital Region/Albany, NY USA

  27. Jonathan Hynes, Grand Bahama - Sunrise, Bahamas

  28. Terry Elliott, Downers Grove, IL USA

  29. Matthew Dowling, Connellsville, PA USA

  30. Osei David Andrews-Hutchinson, Chicago - Southeast, IL USA

  31. Sean Cisco, Bradley-Bourbonnais, IL USA

  32. Mainak Mukherjee,  Burdwan Greater   India

  33. Kevin Swan, Chicago, IL USA

















Cigar Fellows

Rotarian Cigar & Life Aficionados

US and International Headquarters

P.O. Box 5290

River Forest, IL 60305-5290 USA


A virtual office, leave message & email.

FACEBOOK is /rotarycigarfellows




“Dude with a Cigar” Painting Designed

by bo’ paweena,

Used with Permission of the Artist,

click here for her connection to Rotary.







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